Every year the symposium is alternated by a large Study Tour. This year we are organising the tour.


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DOT and KIVI  presented the symposium “Space for Subsea” on the 18th of May 2016 in Theatre de Veste in Delft. The symposium offered 9 lectures and masterclasses in 3 sessions : ”Timeless, Manless, Flawless “. The symposium addressed the latest trends in deep water subsea engineering, and in particular, applications of space technology for remote control of deep water operations.

Deepwater Subsea and Space technologies have a lot in common as the technology barriers are related to colder, harsher and more remote environments. Still Competitive technology has to be “first time right”, where stakes are so high that failure is not an option. The offshore oil and gas industry is presently facing new challenges in various areas like:

• Overcoming corrosive atmospheres, extreme temperatures and high mechanical loading
• Communication with subsea equipment over a longer distance
• The need for sophisticated robotics



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