Study Tour

The next study tour will be in July 2017. More information will follow!


Every other year DOT organizes a study tour for students of the master Offshore and Dredging Engineering (ODE) at the Delft University of Technology.

The purpose of this tour is to widen the students’ perspectives of the modern offshore industry and their opportunities for possible future careers. We, the participants, will meet companies and their key staff who will be able to tell us about the recent technical and economical developments, and share their visions for the future. We will visit offshore-oriented companies like oil companies, yards, engineering companies and offshore installations. This way, students will get in touch with the practical side of the offshore business in an early phase of their study program. Furthermore, contact between students and companies will be enhanced significantly when meeting each other.
The commitment of the sponsoring companies is much appreciated, without their efforts these unforgettable trips could never be realized.


Previous Trips

Summer 2015 Study Tour: Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

In 2015 the DOT board and around 20 students visited Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

Summer 2014 Study Tour: Stavanger

In 2014 DOT visited Stavanger with 20 Offshore & Dredging Engineering Students

Summer 2013: Brazil

The 2013 DOT Study Trip was set for Brazil, a country developing into one of the biggest players in terms of Offshore Oil & Gas. We wanted to see what was going on and also got a chance to get to know the beautiful country itself. The trip lasted two weeks. The first week we stayed in Rio and visited 6 companies including Fugro, SBM, FMC, Boskalis and Shell. We then travelled South and visited the KeppelFELS shipyard on the way. The second week we stayed in Brazil’s economic capital, Sao Paulo. Here we visited Damen, Wilson Sons, and ABN Amro before returning to The Netherlands. An intense two weeks combining study with pleasure.

A full report can be found here.

Summer 2011: Singapore & Malaysia

Last summer we went with a group of 22 students and two professors to Singapore and Malaysia. It was an educational and partly cultural trip with a busy programme. We had the possibility to witness the impressively booming offhore activities in both countries. We want to thank everybody who welcomed us and showed us great hospitality. Special thanks to sponsor Huisman and the companies and institutions who gave us the opportunity to visit them: National University of Singapore, Jurong Shipyard, Tanker Pacific, Hallin, Keppel, Dockwise, SAL Heavy Lifting, Dutch Embassy of Singapore and Malaysia, Malaysian Dutch Business Council, Selat Melaka Shipbuiliding Corporation, Vopak, Technip, Kencana Shipyard.

You can find the full tour report here.

Summer 2009: Central America

The trip in July 2009 had its focus on Central America. By visiting the past and present centre of the offshore world, the Gulf of Mexico, we think to have found the perfect formula for an interesting, educational and diverse program for the OE students in the coming tour. The trip ended with a short stop in Panama where we visited the dredging activities at the Panama canal.

Support from within the offshore industry is crucial to make our study tour a success. We are very much dependent on companies in our business with regard to both organizing and financing the tour. We are very thankful and appreciate their support in realizing this event. Companies sponsoring the Study tour are;
BP, Acergy, SBM, GustoMSC and IHC

Companies which helped DOT with the organization of the tour and which were be visited are;
Shell, BP, SBM, Allseas, Acergy, FMC, Heerema, Cameron, Boskalis

The commitment of these companies is much appreciated, without their efforts this already unforgettable trip could never be realized.