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Company Day 1

Company Day 1

The first company day of this year was held on December 7th. The day was kicked off with speeches of the chairman of DOT and a representative of location where the Company Day was held,  “De Oude Bibliotheek”.
After the opening, Allseas provided us with an interesting case study. The case study was about preforming a heavy lift and installing suction buckets fort he foundation. The project needed to be done as cheap and efficient as possible and this all needed to meet the technical preconditions of the project. The group of students that won the case study got a lego-model of Allseas’ Pioneering Spirit.
Thereafter it was time for lunch. The lunch, provided by DOB, was a pleasant treat which was both graced by the students and the representatives of the companies. The students and representatives of the companies sat mixed at the tables.
The afternoon was marked by getting acquainted with the companies. Presentations of McDermott, Subsea7, Van Oord and Bluewater were alternated with a company market. At the company market student could ask questions and look for internships and graduation projects.
The day ended with a game. The goal of the game was to make a wind turbine out of paper and glue. The turbine that work the most efficient won a small price. After the game some drinks and story’s were shared in a local pub.

We want to thank all participants, DOB and our partners for making the day a success.


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