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MME Guest lecture ” Asset integrity management from a risk based perspectivce”

Location: Pulse Hall 6
Date/Time: 12/03/2019

Date:  8:45-10:30, March 12, 2019


Location:  Pulse-Hall 6


Title :  Asset  Integrity management from a risk based perspective


Content:   To optimize asset utilization from  both  technical  (application methods) and  strategic perspectives.

The lecture will deal with the following subjects:

·         The concept of integrity management will be explained and its relationship with compliance as per definition,

·         The necessity to apply methodologies in order to assess the integrity of the construction.

·         The relationship of integrity assessment with the framework of performance management.

·         The approach to integrate performance and integrity management in a RAMS perspective with reference to our AM model and ISO 55.000.


Lecturer:  Geert Henk Wijnants, Principal Consultant, Stork Asset Management Technology

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