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Offshore Company Day: Energy of Tomorrow

Date/Time: 09/05/2018

Offshore Company Day: Energy of tomorrow


As the energy demand of the world ánd the understanding of the world population for the need of an energy transition are increasing, the offshore industry is facing an exciting challenge: supplying the energy of tomorrow.

For this reason Dispuut Offshore Technologie is hosting an Offshore Company Day on the 9th of May 2018 with the theme: “Energy of Tomorrow”

Students can work on a case study provided by Multi Engineering and Heerema Marine Contractors where we can explore the challenges of the offshore industry in an interactive manner. We’ll have a lunch lecture by Fistuca after the case studies leading to a company market where representatives can inform you on internships, graduation projects and jobs. The day is closed with drinks where we can discuss the future of the industry.

Please register for the Offshore Company Day by filling in this form!


We’re proud to present the following companies attending the Offshore Company Day:

Case Study Companies:





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