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Dispuut Offshore Technology (DOT) is the student association of offshore students at Delft University of Technology and is presided by an annually changing board, existing of offshore students.

MSc program

The Offshore and Dredging Engineering MSc program at Delft University of Technology is open to bachelors of science in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Engineering, and Applied Earth Science, or comparable engineering degrees from all over the world. In this way students with an offshore interest, having followed their own basic training, participate in common courses to become a more complete and more effective engineer. The program is supported by the offshore industry. The curriculum is taught by teachers from a great variety of nations. Click here for more information on the Offshore & Dredging Engineering Master Program.


The main goal of DOT is to form the bridge between students and the industry and the Msc Offshore & Dredging Engineering section. We try to motivate and to interest all offshore engineering students for the offshore study program and to keep the current offshore students posted of current activities and developments in the offshore industry. Field trips, national case tours, and international study tours give students the opportunity to get first hand observation of the industry and their future role as engineers.
Furthermore DOT organizes company days, company presentations, excursions, and a bi-annual symposium at Delft University of Technology with speakers from inside and outside the country.


DOT’s primary communication tools are its website and e-mail. Through these means all members, all over the globe, can be reached in a matter of minutes and can react immediately. Furthermore DOT uses more conventional communications like announcements in the faculty, flyers, media published by Delft University of Technology, as well as several offshore magazines.


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